Ever wondered what if the wheel and fire were not put into practice? The evolution story might have taken a different turn altogether. We have entered from wheel to website era. But unmindfully and along with comforts of mankind many diseases have also pursued. Diabetes is one of the silent killer. We are not able to change revolution storey but can rejuvenate ourselves by application of Ayurveda-the science of life.

In Ayurveda, Diabetes means Prameha. There are 20 types of Prameha and Diabetes Mellitus is one of them-vattaj prameha. There are two aspects to cure it. Swasthavrutta-means Prevention and Treatment-means Management.

Prevention: Prevention means abandon the causes of diseases. We have to take many steps according to Ayurveda in harmony with modern life style.

We should take food regarding our digestive strength.Overeating may diminish Jatharagni.Comfortable life,oversleeping, no excercise, intake of heavy sugar, to eat curd at night, to drink excessively milk, are common Ayurvedic causes of inviting Diabetes. So we should prevent ourselves from these deeds.

In our tradition, we are used to eat old cereal. It is mark of foresighted vision of our Ayurvedacharyas. Because new cereal are meda-karak. We must not use them in our routine food. To use daily, shali-rice is the best. Shali means which emerges in Hemant season.

According to Ayurveda, Diabetes cannot touch the people who can balance their intake of calories and consumption of it. So avoid high calories junk food.

Besides, in this stressful life, Ayurveda teaches us how to calm down ourselves. Yoga is now become the order of the day. We can rejuvenate our mind. We also do prayer every morning because Ayurveda believes that the function of prayer is not to influence God, but rather to change the nature of one who prays. All of these are useful to maintain our hormonal balance that influence on glucose level.

Thus Ayurveda gives us enough direction to live healthy by changing our life style.

Management: Ayurveda has also elaborated the treatment of Diabetes. Firstly, patient will have to abandon all causes that are Nidan and strongly obey to the Swasthavrtta which are called earlier. Patient should maximum use of oat, oat meal, bitter ground in his food. In lunch, mustard oil should be consumed. Turmeric powder with Amla swaras can be used; jambu bijak churna is effective to lower blood sugar. Katu,tikta and kashay ras are preferable in Diabetes.

To purge one’s body, Panchakarma is the best therapy. There are also lots of drug to manage high blood sugar like- Phaltrikadi kwath, Chandraprabhavati, Vasantmalati ras, etc. All are must be taken under advised of qualified Ayurvedic doctor.

Patient should take half an hour daily to do light exercise.Paschimottasan and Vajrasan are useful to secretion of insulin. Pranayam is also necessary for purging the body.With this patient should always check his blood sugar periodically.

We can say that, with traditional Ayurvedic therapy displaying wide scientific approach, their integration in different aspect of our life is the path to eradicate the Diabetes.


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