Prevention & Management of Diabetes Through Ayurveda in Context of Modern Lifestyle by Dr. Sanket Annasaheb Ghawate

I , Ayurveda & Diabetes

In my title ‘I’ word may be seems very strange ; but actually it’s  fact. Everyone has no Diabetes but due to our current modern lifestyle everyone has prone to Diabetes. India is already capital of Diabetes since 2000. Simply Diabetes means your blood glucose is too high. This is one of the life threatening chronic disease having high mortality rate in our country due to altered in lifestyle. At present, change in lifestyle in advanced age group raised blood pressure  , increased blood sugar levels, elevated lipid levels, obesity are intermediate risk factors in Diabetes. Fight against this wide spread disease is one of the major task in front of us. But by following easy , simple tricks of Ayurveda we can prevent & manage Diabetes. Eat properly, exercise effectively , stay away from medicine miraculously. Simply we can treat Diabetes with Ayurvedic triad. Truly Ayurveda is for all e.g. Even healthy ,Prediabetic and Diabetic patients. May be Ayurveda is the only science in the world which treat people too. By making some modification if we follow Ayurvedic regimen scientifically we beat diabetes.


Conclusion– Exercise relaxes body, improve insuline sensitivity , lower other diseases risk & stress. ‘Time’ is main factor regarding Diet. It boost our immunity & proper functioning of digestive system. Lastly medicine is just supportive tools to tackle Diabetes. If we Eat properly, exercise effectively , one can stay away from medicine miraculously by follow  Ayuevedic regimen scientifically. #Ayurveda4Diabetics


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