Manage the Sugary Disease with the SWEETNESS OF HOMOEOPATHY

Understanding Diabetes

Diabetes mellitus is a condition in which the normal mechanism of the body for controlling the level of glucose (sugar) in the blood stream gets affected.

Insulin, is the hormone that is required to convert sugar into energy needed for daily life. If the body becomes deficient in insulin, cells find it difficult to absorb glucose, which then increases in level, first in blood and then in urine.

Due to glucose loss, body cells begin to exploit other valuable sources of fat and proteins as alternate energy sources. Consequently, a rapid weight loss is a usual outcome.

Besides the usual difficulties like polyphagia (excessive hunger), polydipsia (excessive thirst) and polyuria (too much urination), Diabetes mellitus can lead to further complications like nerve damage, blindness and even kidney failure. It is also one of the major causes of strokes and heart attacks.

The Epidemic

India leads the world with largest number of diabetic subjects earning the dubious distinction of being termed the “diabetes capital of the world”. Diabetes is fast gaining the status of a potential epidemic in India with more than 62 million diabetic individuals currently diagnosed with the disease and majority still remaining undetected.

How can Homoeopathy Help?

Homoeopathy can prove beneficial for those suffering with Diabetes wherein the medicines can not only help in Management of Blood sugar (commonly used remedies : Uranium Nitricum, Phosphoric Acid, Syzygium Jambolanum, Cephalandra Indica etc.), but also for relief of various symptoms arising from or along with the disease through Holistic /Individualistic treatment or Constitutional treatment peculiar to each individual case to help root out the disease and take care of the load of genetic predispositions.

Whatever the approach may be, homoeopathic medicines can provide options for managing such chronic diseases which would require long term medication. The safety of the medicines can be relied upon as they are subjected to human trials and assured of its safety even in infants.

Evidence of Homoeopathic cures

Various homoeopathic physicians across the globe are making miraculous cures in this disease condition and its complications. Few documented experiences of physicians in diabetic complications are given here:

Diabetic Distal Symmetric Poyneuropathy: A case study Link

Diabetic Distal Symmetric Polyneuropathy; A case Study Link

Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy (CCRH), an autonomous body under Ministry of AYUSH responsible for conducting scientific research in Homeopathy has conducted various research studies on Diabetes Mellitus with encouraging results. The outcome of these studies are given here:

  • Role of Cephalandra indica Q in the management of Diabetes Mellitus as an add-on medicine along with conventional anti diabetics. Link

  • Rhus Aromaticus in the management of Diabetes mellitus.

Further, clinical research studies have also been carried out on complications of Diabetes like Diabetic Distal Symmetrical Polyneuropathy and Diabetic Foot Ulcer:

  • An Open Clinical Observational Study on the Usefulness of Pre-Defined Homoeopathic Medicines in the Management of Diabetic Distal Symmetrical Polyneuropathy. Link

  • Prospective multi-centric open clinical trial to evaluate the usefulness of homoeopathic medicines in the management of Diabetic Distal Symmetric Polyneuropathy. Link

  • A Prospective Observational Study to Ascertain the Role of Homeopathic Therapy in the Management of Diabetic Foot Ulcer. Link

Know Your Diabetes

More information about Diabetes is available in the form of Handouts and can be accessed at Link

Monograph of Diabetes Mellitus has also been developed by CCRH which gives a detailed account of Diabetes mellitus: its clinical profile; complications; prevention strategies; Homoeopathic therapeutics and research updates etc. Link

Initiatives by Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy to prevent Diabetes

Keeping in view, the increasing burden of NCDs in India, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India launched National Programme for Prevention and Control of Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases & Stroke (NPCDCS) in July 2010 and by 2012, 21 states across the country were covered under the programme. Promotion of healthy life styles, early diagnosis and management of diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases & common cancers e.g. cervix cancer, breast cancer & oral cancer are the aims of this programme.

Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy is integrating in the programme at Krishna (Andhra Pradesh) and Darjeeling (West Bengal) districts wherein early management of NCDs is provided through homoeopathic treatment alone or as add on to standard care along with health promotion and disease prevention through behaviour change in the masses. Outreach activities: Screening for timely detection of various NCDs is provided by the doctors at the PHC level. At Krishna district, till date more than 11,026 patients have been screened for NCDs under the programme and 2,133 yoga classes have been conducted for the patients attending the Lifestyle disorder clinic. At Darjeeling district till date more than 3,476 patients have been screened for NCDs and 561 yoga classes have been conducted for the patients attending the Lifestyle disorder clinic.


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