Diabetic Care through Homoeopathy By Dr. Mahesh Diliprao Jadhav

Diabetes is basically the metabolic disorder with high blood sugar levels; the life style born disorder of today’s modern & civilized society, which is now becoming the leading crisis amongst Indian peoples. In today’s scenario it won’t be surprising if we find a person suffering from Diabetes in his late thirties or probably before that. According to survey India is considered as the diabetes capital of the world, currently 50 million people are suffering from type-2 diabetes. Diabetic care is basically comprised of two things first is medicinal intervention & second consists of ancillary management which includes proper diet, lifestyle modification, exercise.

Homoeopathy & Homoeopathic medicines have fair scope in dealing with this disorder. As the main axiom of Homoeopathy is individualisation, in homoeopathy we consider the patient as a person & not the disease entity alone, we treat the man in disease, not the disease in man so each case of Diabetes is different from other. So after comprehensive Homoeopathic case taking, the physician works out the suitable constitutional remedy for the patient on the basis of Totality of symptoms by taking into consideration the present symptomatology, past history, family history, of the patient, and the whole evolution of the patient as a person from childhood till today. So after considering all the essential aspects of the case, the remedy which when administered in right potency & with right dose which is monitored on the basis of sensitivity & susceptibility of the patient, helps to bring out excellent results. Along with the medication we have to monitor the fasting & post prandial blood sugar levels of the patient initially at early intervals. Homoeopathic medicines are administered in the ultra-diluted form which act at dynamic plane, also enhances the general state of the patient, the minuteness of medicine helps to stimulate the innate healing potential of individual which facilitates cure & minimises the chances of complications to other organs of the body such as nephropathy, retinopathy, peripheral neuropathy, cardiovascular system which are often caused while treating with the conventional system because of heavy doses & too much intervention of medicines.

Now the second aspect of treatment is ancillary management, consists of proper diet, lifestyle modification, & exercise. Proper diet consist of taking meals in divided doses at regular intervals i.e. breakfast, lunch, dinner supplemented with snacks, juices etc. devoid of carbohydrates & fats. Today’s lifestyle is sedentary, less physical activity, more mental activity, people work in corporate offices, sitting on their chair for hours. Lack of physical activity increases the chances of obesity which also contributes for getting Diabetes as people having accumulated fat are more prone to Diabetes. Going for walk regularly, doing pranayama, yoga & exercises helps to maintain body weight, obesity & blood sugar levels.

Thus along with suitable homoeopathic medicines, modifying our lifestyle, following proper diet & regimen, creating awareness amongst people, we can conquer on this disease & bring sweetness in lives of peoples with sweet, tiny pills!!!


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