In this fast lane era, no one bother about their daily chores or their pouching. As a part of that, this era is eaten by many lifestyle diseases, one among them is DIABETES. Usual consultations provide the people an addiction to the medications where they continue to suffer it silently and lately end in complications. Diabetes is a heterogeneous metabolic disorder characterized by changes in glucose level with significantly increased premature mortality and risk of life in relation to micro vascular and macro vascular changes.According torecent estimate of WHO there were 171 million people in
the world so far suffering from this life style disease and by 2030 another 366 million people may add up.
Diabetes and homeopathy
The hormone called insulin play a mischievous role in diabetes with glucose secretion as a result the body exhibit functional and pathological changes.Even though the bloodstream contains plenty of glucose still the cells starve for it. The cells shows adaptive cellular immunity response in the lymphocytes of diabetes patient and many researches provides data that the improvement of cellular function can limit the disease 1,2,4.
Homeopathy is the science of treatment which stimulates the immunity of man and
reestablishes his health 3 . The immune response of each individual varies in wide range and the response include from body and mind, which forms the complete individual. As based on this integrity, medicine is selected in this divine treatment. Cure can be made with surety for various diseases, especially for this sweet disease.Orchestra of immune cells defend in itself through the stimulation of holistic approach of homeopathy thereby re-establish the health status.
Kent, a pioneer says “The person who says diabetes disease is insane in medicine, talk of
a species of diabetes.”
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