Diabetes has become one of the part & parcel of the routine of today’s era. Most of the populations around the world consider it to be another task to gulp an oral pill & move on in their busy schedule. Many have found & tried every single method to overcome over it, from strict diet restrictions to hours at treadmills, from avoiding junk food to sugar free sweets. All these attempts are only to escape on being called as a “Diabetic” which sounds unfit in today’s fit & fab trend.


With the advent of new diseases, modern system of medicine has also advanced in its approach. Previously where there were a fistful of pills to treat diabetes today it has reached to a single prick of a pen. Nowadays people are becoming aware of other alternative system of medicines & this is where the homeopathic system has a supportive role to play in order to prolong their quality of life.


Homeopathy which is based on nature’s therapeutic law relieves the stress of the individual which is present since then, when he is newly detected with diabetes. Homeopathy believes in individualization & hence it would not consider the person as diabetic but highlights the characteristic feature based on the symptoms described by each patient. Even if giving sweet small medicated globules it manages & controls the fluctuating sugar levels in the person without any side effects.


Once the age crosses beyond forties irrespective of sex we are prone for many systemic diseases of which diabetes is one of them. Diabetes has two major types, namely type 1 the autoimmune mediated destruction of pancreatic cells & the type 2 which is associated with increased hepatic production of glucose, resistance to the action of insulin & impaired insulin secretion. Homeopathy has two different roles in both types. In type 1, it improves the symptomatic manifestation & may even treat the complications, since this type of diabetes is incurable. In type 2, homeopathic remedies help to achieve very good results in most of the patients; sometimes, the dose of oral hypoglycemic agents seems to be optimized, even reduce them & also they might be withdrawn along with proper diet & regimen. It also takes care of the systemic complications like diabetic ulcers, retinopathies, nephropathies & neuropathies along with extreme weakness, weak memory, weight loss, constipation & even erectile dysfunction. Apart from specific remedies like Abroma augusta, Insulinum, Syzygium jambolanum; remedies like Phosphoric acid, Thuja, China officinalis etc. give wonderful results when selected according to totality of that individual.

Master Dr Samuel Hahnemann, the inventor of Homeopathy firmly believed & wanted to develop such a medicinal system based on true & natural principles whose main focus would be on the overall health of mankind. Homeopathy is a pure science whose small dynamic pills energize the internal vital force which fights against various external stimuli on its own. Hence it can offer today’s generation to lead a healthy life along with diabetes.


4 thoughts on “DIABETIC CARE THROUGH HOMEOPATHY By Dr. Mahendra Nilakantha Dharua

  1. Excellent Article, New a enue of Homoeopath in today’s world when Diabetologist failed to treat rather give relief by so called Modern Medicine.


    1. Excellent article Dear Dr. Mahendra Dharua Sir..
      When diabetes is in pre stage or when diabetes leads to ‘insulin resistance’..then we can help the other our colleague group of medicine. Through our so called Alternative Medicine. Good and knowledgeable efforts..


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