Diabetic Care Through Homeopathy by Dr. Nidhi Navin Sharma

Homeopathy, wholistic way of healing mankind considering their individuality. Each individual differs from the other and so does the way of living – LIFESTYLE (Mental and Physical makeup). Advancing of modern era along with high tech facilities have led to a faulty lifestyle and which in turn has led to what we now call as Lifestyle Disorders. Diabetes is one such example of lifestyle disorder. With the increase in number of diabetic patients it is very important to make people aware about how apart from modern medicine some other method of treatment can help. Diabetes is a chronic disease and hence requires a long term care. It can be very well managed in both initial and long term symptoms with the help of homeopathy.


Homeopathy treats the patient considering him or her as a single entity. It is gifted with a beautiful art of case taking in which a physician gets to know about the patients mental and physical make-up and thus treating the patient in psychosomatic manner and simultaneously discovering the cause of the disease. A full detailed case taking is very helpful in finding the best suitable medicine (similimum) which will be helpful in treating the patient both as the psyche and at the soma level. The beauty of homeopathy is that it does not treat the symptoms created by the disease but treats the patient who has the disease as it believes that symptoms are nothing but just the deviation from the normal well being of a person and thus it is important to correct that imbalance and it is the duty of a physician to support and maintain harmony. But alongwith the medicines it is necessary to have corrections in the lifestyle as well such as – dietary correction(having more of fibrous food, fruits, frequent meals), exercise regularly(walk or do yoga).Homeopathy has a variety of medicines and the best part of homeopathy is its wholistic approach. In todays everyone is living a life at a faster pace and is running short of time and with the running time the scenario of our life keeps on changing we face new challenges. Homeopathy treats the patient by considering his/her personality with the help of the case taking a physician gets to know about the lifestyle of the patient since the time he/she is born.

Although homeopathy believes in giving the patient constitutional medicine (best suited medicine chosen after case taking) but sometimes in acute phases if the sugar levels are increased then we can help by giving the patient some specific medicines – Cephlandra, Syzgium, Gymnema, Angustra, Uranium Nitricum.


Dr. Nidhi Navin Sharma

B.H.M.S(Delhi), PG (Hom.) London


15 thoughts on “Diabetic Care Through Homeopathy by Dr. Nidhi Navin Sharma

  1. Interesting and useful information on diabetes cure for everybody. Hope it will help to control the same without side effect.


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