Homeopathy has a close relation with diabetes.

Diabetes is a clinical syndrome characterize by hyperglycemia caused by absolute or relative insulin deficiency. Irrespective of its type – 1 or 2 .

It is transferred from generation to generation through defaulted genes.

Genes containing DNA material transcribe to form RNA , basic of living organism & basic source of energy – A PROTEIN.


Diabetes is basically of 3 types-


Insulin dependent ( immunity mediated damage of beta cell destruction of                                  pancreas)


Noninsulin dependent (due to metabolic & genetic defect)


Gestational ( due to metabolic changes during or after pregnancy to                                 genetically predisposed females)



So basically  either decreased secretion of insulin or lack of insulin receptor sensitization manifest into hyperglycemia or diabetes


Clinically diagnosed as HbA1c        >6.5%

fasting sugar >126mg/dl

postprandial >200mg/dl


Insulin  (is 51 amino acid compound having 2 disulphide linkage)  a protein responsible for cell nutrition & energy distribution within body.Likewise cell mediated immunity IgA, IgG, IgE is a protein So protein  provides energy & vitality to the  immune system ( in homeopathy is called vital force) which is a running nervous system

Our homeopathic medicines after being absorbed directly through nerves acts on vital force & reverses the disease process  by forming artificial chronic disease according to nature’s law of cure


Homeopathic medicine not only stimulates the vital force but it reverses the disease which in modern science is called IMMUNOTHERAPHY


Homeopathic medicines like Sulphur, Psorinum or Medorinum if used as an inter current medication or if  a constitutional similimum is given to a genetically predisposed woman during pregnancy can save an entire generation to get diabetic.


Medicines like –


Acid phos Q, Gymnema sylvestra Q , Syzygium jambolicum Q ,Uranium nitricum, Arsenicum bromatum, Chinum sulph 6X , Vinteg neg Q  are among the best therapeutic medicines to control hyperglycemia.

Cal phos 6X, Rhus aromaticum along with vitamin D supplement provides best curative results in Type -1 DIABETES (IDDM)

Regular blood sugar monitoring, proper education & advising a patient , his entire family and school (in case of diabetic children) about hyper & hypoglycemia , its complication & management can prevent diabetic emergency- Like ketoacidosis, , diabetic coma ,diabetic foot , diabetic ulcers


Homeopathy is a fastest growing tool to combat diabetes & its complications therapeutically without any side effects .Homeopathy alone is able to check the transfer & correct the defaulter diabetic gene.

Homeopathy is a  greatest immunity dose to combat this autoimmune  & metabolic disorder  called DIABETES



17 thoughts on “DIABETIC CARE THROUGH HOMEOPATHY BY Dr. Meenu Sharma

  1. I had a feel that there is no treatment in homeopathy for diabetes. Im diabetic from last 22 yrs. Im interested to know more about homeopathy treatment.


  2. A very informative article. Homeopathy treatments have proved effective time and again. Diabetes is one of the most common diseases these days and homeopathy is clearly a cure.


  3. A very informative and useful article. Homeopathy treatments have more effective. A very deep research by dr. Meenu .

    Thank you


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